Volkswagen Gen-E

This project was never shown publicly, but for some reason I found several images on the internet.

Its been one of the longest projects I was working on and to see it vanish into nowhere at the end was quite frustrating. But its normal daily design business. Project come and die..

Couple of years later, when I was not working for Volkswagen anymore, I was happy find those images, because its one of the best projects I have been working on. I learn so much with it, from the full size clay modelling, aerodynamic testing, and finally process of building a real aluminium prototype in Italdesign, Turin. I was responsible for the exterior design together with Stefan Sielaff (Head of Design Center Potsdam), Peter Wouda (Head of exterior) and  Nisan Kucam (Senior exterior designer Wolfsburg)

At the end of 2013, it meant to be something, what ID family is today. First full electric car from Volkswagen with a range of 500km.  It was supposed to drive from LA to Las Vegas at CES in 2014.. never happened though.