Volkswagen Sedric

Volkswagen Sedric concept. First Volkswagen autonomous concept car. It was designed in Volkswagen Future Center Europe, Potsdam in collaboration with Forshung Engineering, Wolfsburg. The car was presented at Geneva Motor show in 2017.

I was responsible for exterior design of the vehicle, supervised by Peter Wouda(Chief designer) and Jurgen Michl (Head of exterior). Also great support from Darius Hildebrand (senior exterior designer at that time),  interior design team and whole UX design team..

It was been a great challenge and experience to address such unusual volume. For many years we were working on the projects with the goal to make everything look as low  and as wide as possible, and now we had completely new proportions, high and narrow. We found quite unique and iconic approach to this product. Simple yet dynamic silhouette, robust volumes and clean graphics. Good recipe to design new Volkswagen product.

We agreed, that Sedric should be as friendly as possible since it is an autonomous vehicle, and products like this have to gain humans trust first, they should look harmless in the city environment and clearly communicate different information with surrounding. Wheels are covered, and this feature definitely gives harmless feel to it, in the same time it looks quite futuristic..

Its been a fun project actually, happy to be part of it.